Have you gotten back with someone that you were cold to at the end of the break up?

I was wondering if any of y'all have gotten back with someone that you were completely cold to and then couple months later realize that it was just the heat of the moment. My ex has been cold for a month and a half now and I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened to that girl I loved... We haven't text for at least a month now and she has moved on to another guy. At one time we had a lot of plans together etc but now that person I thought was the one is completely gone and feels like the relationship I was in was fake the whole time and I was just blinded from the start =/


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  • The guy I'm dating now was cold as fuck towards me because I wanted a break and doesn't do breaks. I wanted a break because I thought he was going through a lot of stress and he wasn't showing me attention so I told him to focus on himself and stuff. He didn't take it too well and didn't reach me at all I waited a week after the split and reached out to him. We argued but at the end we got back togther but that shit was ridiculous.

    If I were you I would reach out to her and tell her how you feel don't hold back. See what she says and than go on from there , worst thing to do is stay mute and let the anger site inside you.

    • I reached out to her plenty times before she got into a relationship. All she did was call me selfish and shit. 3 weeks after we broke up she was still asking for her damn REMOTE controller that could have been easily replaced and I told her I would even pay for it.. Then I listened to a friend who said she probably just wants to see you bro and next thing you know I show up at her place after she gets out of church and when I do that she hardly says anything to me and says she leaving to go to a friends house and when she did that I called and she starts yelling at me and acting like she don't give a damn and calls me weird for popping up at her place uninvited..

    • Okay she is deff acting very childish , you don't need that.

      If you rlly love her talk to her and tell her directly how you feel and what you want one last time.

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  • Yes, and I've been with this guy for 2 years, we went cold because he dumped me for his ex , but now he can't even look at her , he says he regrets every bad decision he made in first relationship and promises never to do it again.

    • It's so hard after that cold stage !

    • I have gone back with a girl it went cold with. It never was the same or as good. Oddly, we did have sex a lot more. For whatever reason.

  • Well, I have gone on and off with a guy before, we were always really cold during our breakups and got back together but then realized that it would never work out and just became friends instead.
    I don't know why this happens, a guy I was with for three years broke up with me, and keeps making up excuses as to why he did and each new excuse contradicts the old ones. He changed completely, he used to be sweet and fun now all he does is party and do drugs that he said he would never in his life do. I feel like I was ripped off in a way, used by him so that he could live rent free and have me pay for everything for him... :/


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