Do I have a chance to get back with my ex after a blow up like this?

My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago. I nicely asked to talk about something with him. He then starts yelling something about "if you hate me so much,"

Which I didn't understand. I said I never said that, and said that I've never once said that I hated him.

He kept yelling something about me one minute being nice and then the next pulling this crap. ( I just wanted to talk about my feelings of being hurt by something he did).
And then he said he knew where our future lies.

At this point, I was bawling and told him I was going to leave. I asked if I could talk to him later, he said yes.

I was so confused and hurt because I couldn't understand what made him so mad, and because we've always had such a good relationship with being honest and talking about how we feel. He's always listened and been there for me. And we've been together six months.

I was so hurt I didn't call.

I don't know if something else is going on and he's just not telling me, but I love him so much and I'd like to talk and make it work.

Do you think I have a chance of getting back together or at least talking with him. I have no clue what I did to upset him so much. :(


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  • I'm not sure what his problem is, but I would keep trying to ask him "what he is upset about so you can fix it."
    You may have a chance depending on what happens. I wish we had his side of the story. It could be that he was so stressed out about something that he lost his anger.


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