Getting back together and feeling weird? Am I wrong for giving us a break for him?

Ok so I've been with my current bf for about 7-8 months. It was all good in the beginning but there was issues becuase I used to compare him to my X that he knew. I use to just tell him what I'm use to and what I like. I didn't see anything wrong with that but he did and flipped out.

Okay so we get over that hill and things are going okay. Untill all the stress he's going through (lawsuit against him) and his family member (cousin) passing away all got to him. To me he was distancing himself away from me becuase for two weeks we would talk all the time but he would never ask me to hang out or see me and that's not like him. I felt he wasn't showing me attention so I came to him calmly and told him maybe we need a break so he can focus on himself and family and work. I was thinking of him when I decided to do this. He didn't take it to well and told me how could I leave him in a time like this and he'll be gone forever !

I was shocked.
He didn't reach me at all after that and I didn't either because I felt like he didn't give a fuck about our relationship and didn't fight for it.

FYI it was a day before his birthday when this convo happend and I did not mean it to be that day it just happend and he got extra upset that I didn't reach him for his birthday.

In my head I was worried about our relationship not a birthday !

So after of a week of no contact I decided to reach him because I didn't understand why he wouldn't reach out to me and why he reacted that way.

When we talked a week later he was cold as hell towards me and told me that since I wanted a break than that's it were done and I can go my separate way and I explained to him why I did that it was for him to get himself togther but he didn't care. He was so fixated on me not reaching him for his bday and that just turned me so off. I apologized and told him I cared about us not a bday.

So were back togther but it feels weird and I'm still mad about how he acted.


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  • Your words are clearing saying that you are interested in him or you love him or something like that. May b he is of shy type or may b he don't know that how to react in such circumstances. First of all make your mind calm and ask him about all that stuff. He'll clear your mind and hope that in this way both of you will remain happy together :-)


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