Want to patch up typically screwed relationship, I have never known anyone to come across such impossible situations for Patch up?

I had been dating her since 9 months before getting into relationship but the relationship didn't even last for 3 months. The time we were together are among best moments in our life but after getting into relationship both of us were not happy with each other's attitude. We felt that we were good at dating but we weren't in so much love to be in a relationship. All this was more from my side than hers but breakup was her decision. Out of anger I cut off contacts with her even although she wanted to be in.
As time passed I realized the depth of my love for her and how much she mattered to me. There was not even a single day in about a year we had not talked. I wanted to patch up within 20 days of break up but she was flirting an other guy. I assumed she moved on so I went dormant.
Problems occurred when that guy started bluffing rumors about her! Stupid unrealistic facts.
When I looked into the matter myself, I found that there was nothing like she had moved on, She went and did all this because I was not there. She flirted with other guy because she missed me. That guy had taken advantage of her emotional turmoil and had won ample trust in last 4 months of his friendship. On the other hand our mutual friends and other friends had done a lot to damage our relationship.
The extent of this is that a friend had scared her to an extend that she revealed about me to her parents.
Her parents are orthodox and strictly against boy friend things. I have become reason of almost all of her problems even without doing anything in anyway.
I do not see scope of any patch up but my heart didn't let me move on or let her go out. I have tried running away from her, there is no place to go. It may be that I had not been in too much love with her when I broke up but now, I know how much I love her and I have never known anything clearer than this!
I want to patch up at all cost and at what ever it takes to have us together. Help me, Advice me!


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  • Go meet up with her nd tell her how you feel and be with the girl you love man !

    It's that simple !!

    • I tried and when we met, She cried and spoke about the troubles.. Begged me to away from her life, She regrets we ever met. I could have explained everything but her tears paralyzed my senses. It went against me.. Its hard to rearrange meeting, His father is always around her when she is out of home, Her phone's seized, and all her friends against me.

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    • Wow, can you marry her?

    • Yup, I can't see myself without her.. Being 21 yr old guy, I do not understand about marriage as I didn't understand values of Love six months back but now I do and someday I will understand about marriage. But I won't go moron the way I did last time.. I will never be that stupid again and let her go.

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  • I think you probably send a letter. explaining in detail how you feel, the realization of those feelings and what you would like/hope will happen... then you hope for the best. hopefully the damage done isn't so great that it can't be prepared or perhaps if she can really see you express yourself frankly and openly it may help her realize that there is something to be explored with you two

    • It won't work, She is in hate mode against me! She won't read!!
      Will she?

    • I imagine she'll read it.

    • Then I will try! any tip which I should follow while writing the letter?

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