How do guys feel after breaking up with a girl?

my guy broke up with me yesterday after about 6 months of on and off dating... we were only in a serious relationship for about 3 weeks and because i needed to be able to trust him again after some stuff happened between us, i was not yet ready to start having sex... (we're both fresh out of highschool btw)

When he broke up with me, it started over text until i called him and he said it over the phone. He was with all of his friends and they were all laughing about the situation (i could hear them in the background). He said the reason its over is because we "havent done anything yet" (as in anything sexual). I told him that i was thinking about moving our relationship to the next level and he just laughed again and said its over.

I had very strong feelings for him and obviously hearing something like that from him was very upsetting and in my mind i assumed that he didn't care about me enough to end things in person or to wait until i was ready to have sex but today he texted me saying "were you serious about moving things forward in the relationship?"

so my question is, how do guys feel after breaking up with a girl?

AND what do you think my response should be to his text?
1. don't reply
2. bitch him out


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  • Sweety I'm going to be blunt and honest with you. Don't reply. He is obviously playing games and is only interested in the sex. He humiliated you in front of his friends and even if he said those things not to seem like he was being "pussy whipped" it was wrong of him! As much as it hurts, it's obvious he doesn't really care about you. He didn't mention anything about your relationship or his feelings for you. His question was "were you serious about moving things forward" At his age most boys, (they are not even close to the definition of men), just want is sex and he seems to fall into that category. Don't waste your breath and bitch him out. Ignore him and move on with your life. A girl has keep her head up and her pride in tack. Don't give up! You'lll find someone better than him that's willing to wait for you <3 Stay strong and good luck!


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  • Straight up, he wants a girl that can be on the same page with him sexually and emotionally. He waited and was patient 6 months and still nothing happened... I would of broke things of too. Sex brings people closer together and maybe he kept putting effort in every time and nothing came out of it, and he got burnt out. Its been 6 months... He got bored of doing the same shit and felt like he wasn't satisfied sexually. Its not always about sex, but sometimes when you want something and put in effort for 6 straight months and still don't get it, you want to be with someone that wants it just as much as you.

    • during those 6 months of on and off dating, he had sex with 2 other girls so i'm sorry if i didn't give in right away to having sex with him since we weren't even official, but i need to get used to him to be with him sexually and he was never affectionate in the times that we did spend together. I understand what you're saying completely but i told him from the start of our relationship that i wasn't going to have sex with him straight away, he has to show me that he actually cares and is willing to put up with my shit before we start getting intimate. So many things have happened that has caused us to have problems within our relationship including him believing rumours and stories from his friends about me that i didn't feel like he deserved to just get the goods at the time, and right when i was ready to have sex with him, that's when he decided to break up with me via text...

    • so I don't know if a guy doesn't put in effort to be affectionate and is constantly trusting his friends over me i dont feel the need to have sex with him.. i dont think that i expected too much of him, maybe i'm wrong. But we were friends long before we started dating which is why i feel like i should say something to him aka replying to his text but I don't know what i would say

    • That's just putting pressure into your partners. As much I agree a couple should be in the same page emotionally and sexually, it appears this wasn't the case. He was not in the same page emotionally and was definitely not in the same page as her in the matter of respect! Yes human beings crave sex and that special connection but this guy obviously didn't care for the connection. She shouldn't have to be pressured into sleeping with a guy that can't even show her a minuscule ounce of respect. If you find a partner who can sleep with you with that minimal ounce of respect she obviously doest respect herself enough. I give as much as he gives me and that's how serious relationships work. Mutual respect. Simple as that.

  • It can hurt a guys A LOT at time's. It depends on how much they meant it. But if he's getting a serious relationship with you fast and want's sex, then it won't hurt him for real long. Guy's tend to use girls for sex, which is why MOST GUY'S have no control over who they f***. But don't let that a**hole hurt you like that. I'm 17, I'm a Virgin because people tell me sex ain't worth it (From the people that DO do it often), I know alternatives to it that are worth it (Which I do). But yeah. It's not really worth it for a guy that wants to use you.

  • His loss... move on and find THE ONE.

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  • Just dont reply he is literally only interested in sex you can bitch him out if you want but you'll just end up in a pointless argument that accomplishes nothing besides causing more drama. For me when i break up with a girl i move on pretty quickly because i know it wasn't going to work out between us if i tried my best and it still wasn't enough it wasn't meant to be and its not worth worrying over.

    • okok i probably won't then, thank you

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  • come on! it is quite clear he only wants sex. he humiliated you and made fun of you in front of so many people. it clearly shows he has no love or respect for you. But since you told him that you would be willing to have sex with him, he thought why not first have sex and then dump her. save yourself and dont fall in this trap. he is a douche bag who just wants to act cool in front of his friends.


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