Why does he come back to me after all this time, again?

My ex boyfriend was my first love and I will always have feeling for him in some way. I went to the fair yesterday and he kept on staring at me all night. My phone had some technical issues so I couldn't see anything on it. But he had the guts to come up to me and say hi with his friends (they know everything about us). All night he was following me, which I honestly didn't mind but I know how it always ends with him. Everyone was telling me how much he had been staring at me all night so I wasn't just imagining these things. I hadn't talked to him since I called him out on playing me and it was a surprise he was paying more attention to me rather than his other ex girlfriend. When I got home, I checked my phone messages and there was one from him that said "I hope your having fun". My question is why did he do all that?


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  • Often just because many couples Break up, they find that in time they also---Make up---and just become friends with or without benefits. They also find, along with the Missing and Kissing that they: Can't live each other, Can't live with each other. I believe this is the case with your 'EX. He is trying to slip back into your life, hooker by crook, and with his "Hi" And pushing a little button to send even more signals, tell me he has still Not forgotten you. And you may even have had More meaning than the Other part of his past, the Other EX, maybe even more history, so this is Why he is being More Attentive to you, rather than to her. And we don't know Their whole story neither...
    I always find with an Ex that 'X' Marks their spot, and for whatever Reason they are back on your Checker Board once again--------Remains to be seen.
    Many Ex toms want a Friendship Lollipop 'On board' Relationship, where they are Not Anchored to your leg anymore, yet want you to come and swim in their pool on the ol' Poop deck. And they may say that they would have to see what happens down the line, should you accept their swab saying, but without breaking my waves here, they merely And simply feel good with the wish wash answer: Let's be friends and see what happens in the future Again with us.
    It's your choice your call what you want to do with him. But one thing I can tell you, you Really Need to tell him, and Stand your ground with this: Stay friends, none with Benefits, for in the end, he most likely would be the one to Benefit the most.
    Good luck. xx

    • lol... Meant to say with this saying... Can't live WITHOUT...")) xx

    • Thank you soooo much. This really helps me see now. :)

    • You are so very welcome... This' Friends with benefits' is very POPULAR now a days, and isn't just Happening with a male and female friendship deal, but even with EXES that Mark the spot to have their sweet cake and eat it too... xx

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