I just broke up with my ex and I still love him but I like this guy who he isn't fond of and I have told them both I love them. Help?

I have been broken up with my boyfriend since the 7th of this month not because he did anything bad or anything it's because of the distance, other then that we were really good together. He really loved me and he still does and I love him but I am confused, there is this guy who I started to like not long after my breakup who my ex really cannot stand, my ex used to tell me he loved me a lot after the breakup and I know he was taking it badly. Until about a few days ago this other guy would tell me he loves me and would treat me like a queen and stuff and I have stupidly said that I love him too a few times but I am really confused and because of this my ex said he's not going to fight over me or tell me he loves me if I am saying it to this other guy too. So more about this other guy in the past he has caused numerous problems with myself and my ex so I don't get why I even have feelings for him, could it be he's saying he loves me out of hatred for my ex and not wanting us to get back together or is it something more?


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  • This is a very confusing situation. The only way to find out what this guys motives are is to ask him. I also think you should let them know that you might need some time to yourself. I've learned that someone who doesn't know how they feel or what they want can hurt others until they figure things out.


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  • You sound very confused and seem to be quite the mess. I think you need to step away from both men and figure yourself out.


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