I do nag and a bit insecure is that a reason to leave me after 8 years and two kids is he coming back or is he in love with his free time?

Is he cheating with another woman the reason he feels he can leave me an have am his space I dont even think he wants to come back home he keeps saying he dont know and it hurts cause usually when we areb getting aligns stays with me and out kids but when we are not he goes to other side of town I know it's alotn of easy woman down that way and I dont want to think the worst but what is he doing the reason its so easy for him to leave after an argument what do I need to do the longest he left was two weeks claim he was being faithful and we had sex a few times within those weeks he dont seem to want to come back what can I do to sac us and Make him want to be here


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  • You just won a prize for being the only human being over 25 to turn a paragraph into one sentence. Congrats on that.

    On a serious note, for me to be able to clearly suggest options and potential solutions I would need to know more specific information such as:
    1) What did he say when he "left"?
    2) Does he still spend time with his children?
    3) Do you work & what is your educational level?
    4) How old is he?
    5) Is your "nagging" the only thing he has ever been upset at you for?

    If you are willing to answer those questions I can at least begin a general direction of what I am dealing with. If not, it's truly difficult given what you both stated and the manner in which you stated it. I apologize if that is offensive as that isn't my desire but, c'mon now, you can't expect a logical and intelligent response given that blob of words presented.


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  • A nagging woman means she is never happy with you. Why would a man want to be around a woman who is never happy with him?

    Also nagging is a form of manipulation. Any woman who would manipulate me is removed from my sphere of influence. Goodbye.

    Insecurity is a turn off if your heart is far from him, which it is, if you feel the need to nag.

  • You can take him or leave him. Just calmly have intelligent conversations and see if he's changed.

  • Complaining and nagging is usually counter-productive. You catch more flies with honey, by encouraging and appreciating the good things he does. He's more likely to do the good things if he gets thanks for it. Of course, he should appreciate the good things you do for him too.

    At least you're still on good talking terms, so there's some hope. This is the best I can come up with, and it's a lot of reading. You might find something you've been missing, and it could make a difference. cdn.preterhuman.net/.../...20Love%20with%20You.PDF


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