What does this indirect from an EXGF means?

I had an 8 year relationship with this girl.
She broke up with me, and I dissappeared from FB for about 2 weeks. I log on FB for the first time on the 3rd week post breakup but still dont talk to her.

She has been asking for me to a mutual friend, and when I uploaded a photo of me smiling with my dog (I never smile no joke) She went crazy and started posting things like "I can't believe how people can change, karma is playing me a bad joke" . She also called my friend and told him "Whos THAT guy, it can't be my ex, wheres him? TELL ME, why is this happening?, HE isn't MY EX"

So, I haven't talked with her. Its been 3 weeks and yesterday she posted "I dont say I love you like a normal girl would, I would say you're an idiot with a smile on my face. If I say that to you, consider yourself a lucky man"

Her sister commented "You say that to half the people you know" and she answered "you fucked my indirect :("

Any insights?


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  • She's posting drama on Facebook. You really want that in your life? Or do you like the attention she's giving you?

    She sounds like she needs nothing more than to post her crap on FB looking for affirmations about what she feels or to expose you. People love to be the centre of attention and on FB that's exactly what it's all about on their own profile. It's game-playing. The fact you didn't log in for two weeks probably had her crawling all over your page looking for clues otherwise she wouldn't have asked where you are. The fact she's asking where you are after SHE broke up with YOU says she's hunting for you to pay attention to her again.

    Let me tell you, exes are exes for a reason. If she broke up with you, she should be leaving it alone, and you leaving her alone as well. Otherwise, your relationship has a dysfunctional quality to it if she's playing games and if you end up taking her back. You're both teaching each other that this is how you handle difficult times.

    I HATE yes, capital letters HATE it when people use their FB as their own personal megaphone to spread drama and use wording to entice people to ask questions because they are only using teasers to say what's on their mind. Like, "SOME PEOPLE not mentioning names, will have to deal with their karma!!" I mean, stuff like that is juvenile and unnecessary to post on FB. Not to mention it's her showing off how reactive she is to things she doesn't know about. You post a picture after three weeks of you and your dog. Seriously. And then posts you should be lucky if she says I love you. What a conceited little bitch she's being.

    Can you not just take her off your friends list? If she asks why you can say, "We're not longer together, and you're not exactly being a friend, so there's no real need to be in touch."

    Then get her off your page. Believe me. It will do a big favour for your next girlfriend to NOT see her on your page.

    • Thanks for the answer. We ve been together for 8 years, and to be honest if she broke up with me was because I didn't do what I was supposed to do (getting a job, saving money) because we were going to get married. There were plans for soon but I just didn't care.

      I love her and I know she's a good person, I want to take her back because It was all my fault and Im aware of it.

      Do you think she's trying to reach me?

    • If she is, she's doing a bang-up job making it dramatic. You are in for a real ride if you take her back and then next set back comes up. If you get back together I think you both need to agree to deactivate your profiles for a while. Both of you post messages alerting your friends that you will be off FB to work on your relationship. FB is a cesspool for dysfunction and attention-seeking. I am currently not using mine and don't feel a great need to broadcast to the world that I had a tomato sandwich or that I want to kill the guy who cut me off in traffic. Her FB is being used in an improper was that is not fair to you.

      If you screwed up with her and want her back, then I guess you have to decide if you've changed your life and ready to make things better, but she's being incredibly juvenile and bitchy and two wrongs don't make a right. Part of her own commitment to make things work with you is to lay off her FB and communicate with YOU, not the world, hinting of your problems.

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  • It's a bunch of drama. I actually lost interest in the whole thing but I seriously can't interpret it.


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