My girlfriend is confused between me and another dude?

I'm a divorced father of 2. Im 38 years old and have been dating a girl who is 26. We have been seeing each other for about 4 months. She has no qualms about dating me except for one... she is unsure how good she will be around my kids and she is scared I will leave her for the ex-wife and children or perhaps someday not love our kids as much as I love my kids from my first marriage.

I've known her for over a year and she is crazy in love with me. She treats me right and goes out of her comfort zone to make me happy. I couldnt ask for better if I ever have a Part 2. I have done my best to assure her and she knows I will keep my word and give her security. What she isn't sure is of herself.

Last week she told me she has decided that she wants to take a break from the relationship and go out with someone without baggage. An ex of hers asked her out.

Its been a tough time but I feel I have to give her the space as I can't force her into a relationship with me given my current status as a divorced father of 2. She has never been married and started panicking already. She told me she is terribly confused and I should let her sort her head out and come whole heartedly back and not because I want her to.

Sorry for the long post... I've stopped contacting her since last week and after 2-3 days she sent me her pic and asked if I was ok. I didn't reply. till the next day. Im giving her space for a short while to figure things out. She said I can't ask you to wait for me to figure my head out so if I want to move on and date I should.

I know for sure there is a bond between us that is extremely special or I wouldn't even bother posting and would move on. The feelings are there.. but she's got anxiety attacks since I've known her. I've been her soft place to land every time.

Really sorry for the long post.

Should I wait it out for a bit? Should I fight for a short while for something I believe is truly worth waiting?



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  • Meet her now and just clear things up. You don't need to break both of your hearts, you just need to identify the problems and tackle them, it's a theme in all relationships.


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