Any chance left with my ex?

My ex broke up with me 4 months ago because of my cheating on him and asking for more time from him. He insisted on staying friends, but I got really desperate and then I became the only one (99% of the time) initiating contact until now. We dated for 1.5 years.

Last week he finally said he would see me (first time in 3 months) when I'm free again, which will be next week. We still have relatively long (20 minutes) phone conversations but they're like weeks or a month apart. But he's still saying he wants to be friends. He did say there's a chance he wants to get back together when he's less busy at the end of summer, but he doesn't want me to wait for him while he enjoys being single.

I already have a plane ticket booked to get the f--k out of here if he continues being this way... He keeps giving me a sense of hope -.- but then he starts posting stuff online that I think he knows would bother me, like him with this guy he likes, or him with these girls at a club (he's bi)... Soo yea, I'm moving to help me get over him for good if things keep going this route -.-


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  • Ask him for a straightforward answer, will he give you one chance if you change or not, tell him that you're not waiting.


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