My best friend's brother is my ex and he's giving me mixed signals? Does he want me back?

So we broke up in March and by May he had a new girlfriend. He said he moved on so quickly because I seemed happy since the break up. He also said that they were really more like friends, but recently he's told me he loves her.

We're still friends but the problem is we can't be alone together or else we end up kissing. He feels guilty for cheating on her and I feel cheap for being with a guy that goes out with someone else.

We've tried to keep some distance yet it seems like he wants to kiss me. Like he'll make situations where we're alone & he'll find excuses to hug me when we're alone. Although he'd never ever force me to do anything, he makes it hard to "just be friends", which I don't understand because he feels guilty for cheating on his girlfriend.

I asked him what he was thinking and he said that he "means it" whenever he kisses me. Is he just confused because I'm his pass love in his life or does he still want me? I'm about to move so is he scared to ask for me back maybe? Or is he just using me although we still say "I love you"?


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  • To make this story a happy one, just tell him that you don't want him to cheat on her because you care about him. If he wants you, then he'll have to leave her honourably and buy you some dinner.


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