My ex gf after we broke up I went to NC then slowly I start respond to her She showed many signs that she is intrested but again not back :-(?

I don't know if she want me back or no. I think she is in decsive and don't know what she want. she miss me laugh a lot and getting closer again. But then disappear for a day she is trying to go out with friends and enjoy life but I know she's still lonely. she is very very curious about me and what am doing but i think she's just want keep eye on me. I m really confused should I tool step more or back up and make her miss me more?
I feel that I get used to text back again which make her take a step back. :-(
I think she don't worth my effort I'm tired of trying


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  • I would say maybe take a step back and see what happens don't text her or call her for a day see if calls or text you

    • Yeah, I had plans and steps to get much closer then get back but she reduce the texts again so i got confused and it is become tiring process to get back

    • Thanks for *MH

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  • I would step back from her and give each other some space. You need some time to think if you still want to be with her. It sounds like she is keeping you as a back up. You seem like a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have you. You should move on and start dating other people.


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