I am starting to feel like breaking up with my ex was the biggest mistake?

So I dated my ex for about 2 and a half years. He was my first almost everything, first person I slept with, first love and first real boyfriend. He was in the military and he was deployed overseas for 7 months of our relationship and I stayed with him. He was a great boyfriend, but there were somethings he did that weren't good. He spoke to me and to my family about me in a condescending way, I was never right. I also started drifting from him. I figured it was time to end things when I started saying "ok I saw him today, now I don't have to see him till Saturday" I should want to see him everyday. So I ended things, I was good for a while dated (no real relationship tho) for a while but now I am single. He has had a serious relationship for about 3 years now. I know he cares about me a lot, and we almost got back together a year or so ago when he told me him and his gf broke up but really he was still dating her, so he cheated on her with me when I told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore because that was not okay, he sent me this long text message saying how he doesn't feel the same about her as he did me, we have a special connection since I stayed with him during his deployment. But I was too angry at the time to accept it, and told him it would be best if we went our separate ways. But now lately I have been feeling like I made a huge mistake.. all the guys I have dated after him haven't really cared about me, didn't put effort into me like he did. Am I missing him? or the idea of an relationship?


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  • You're missing him because you don't have other guys to turn to, that's my guess. Let him be and start trying other guys who don't have the habit of being dishonest or do cheat. You can't fixate yourself on someone who has disappointed you once and you may never know if he will do so again, but he has had his chance and you now need to step up and recognize that you're more proud than this and that you don't need a person who cannot appreciate you from the start.


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  • I think you just miss being in a serious relationship. I broke up with my man and than realized all the good things I over looked, there was the bad but then I figured who doesn't have the bad in a relationship.

    I think it's too late and things happend for a reason just try nd think positive and one day you will meet your match.


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