Missing my ex need advice?

I'm still not over my ex of six months, we broke up six months ago and with no contact yet, should i write him?


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  • It is hard to properly answer this without knowing a little more backstory, but my advice would most likely be no. I understand how much it hurts to go through a break up from a long-term relationship and how tempting it can be to get back in touch afterwords. I personally have gone through long-term relationship breakups with no communication afterwords and It sucks. The thing that I have come to realize is that often returning to that person after the breakup leads to more pain than the breakup initially was. Now thats not to say that it will always happen like that but I have definitely seen it happen that way more than I would have liked. The problem is that a lot of the time when we break up we change and the things we shared with our ex disappears because their importance to us becomes associated with the pain of the breakup. Trying to return to the same person we were with becomes nearly impossible.
    Now obviously I don't know what the situation was between you and your ex, how you two broke up, or what the relationship was like. I am having to base this off of what I have gone through and what I have seen. Whatever your decision is I really hope that it goes well. I'll leave you with this, all though the pain of being single is like a wound that is trying to heal, wouldn't writing a letter to your ex be the equivalent of breaking open the wound, exposing it to more pain and damage. I hope this helps, Hang in there.


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  • Yes... do it if you want him to think you're completely desperate and still hung up on him.
    Which I assure you will make him like you even less.
    No one likes a clingy ex who can't let go. Seriously reconsider this.


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  • From experience, no. It'll only make it worse.

    I couldve gotten over my ex in a month but since I kept talking to him and stuff, it took me a full year and a month :/ so don't. No matter how much it hurts


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