How to forget the ex boyfriend you have to see everyday?

We were together (on and off) for 1.5 years and he dumped me over text message 8 months ago for another girl. We fought a lot but he always said that i was the "love of his life"so It was a bit of a shock to me that he dumped me for someone else. A couple of months ago he texted me and said he still loved me, it was a mistake to leave me but after a little talking, he wanted to sleep with me. I didn't and said i was ready to take him back if he broke up with his girlfriend but he didn't because he wasn't sure of me and i wished him well and said goodbye. A few weeks later, i got drunk at a party and i tried to show his girlfriend the texts he sent me but he pushed me while i was trying to show the texts, i fell down and they left. I only remember the part he pushed me, i can't even remember how i found them and how we started talking. Besides, i really didn't have the intention to show her the texts sober. After all, i guess i was the one who was in love from the beginning and i can't forget him even though i haven't seen him for two months. After a month, the school starts and i have to see him with his new girlfriend. He looks so happy and in love, treats her better and he does everything i wanted to do with her. I really dont know how can i forget him if i see him everyday?


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  • Find someone else and meet new friends
    Completely ignore him and avoid common places


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