I have figured out two options of what I want to do, but I just do now know how to go about and tell him?

This guy and I have been talking for 2 months straight. We live in different states, but I was planning on moving back. The past month, we have not been getting along very well. The first fight we got into was because he said we were rushing things, especially on my side. I never had the chance to say my side of the argument because he would keep cutting me off. He deleted me off of every social media site which is very childish. We eventually made up and started talking again.

This time he tried to blame me again. I did everything he told me not to do, I started going with the flow of things, talking to other guys and not saying sweet stuff such as, baby, babe, I want to be with you, etc. He kept complaining how I was not showing him any emotions. Last Thursday (July 18) we were on Skype everything was going great, and he asked me to Skype tomorrow night. I cancelled my plans and was waiting for him to video chat with me. He never did. He ended up going out to the bar, and taking a picture of him and a bartender, posting it to instagram with the hashtag #hotgirl. I felt really disrespected. On Saturday I wanted to talk to him about this issue, but he kept ignoring it and instead, got drunk.

I have basically had it with this guy. I do everything he tells me to do, but yet he still gets mad about it. I have been talking to other guys and he confronted me about it all pissed off. I would rather just cut off this relationship entirely because I was thinking, if he is going to be this way now and we are not dating, imagine how much worse it will be... Now my question is how do I address this to him? My friend Patrick said I should just not even text him and let him know, but I think that is kind of rude for me to do. I was going to text him "Hey, we need to talk. It is kind of important, so shoot me a text whenever" and pretty much tell him we should go our separate ways.



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  • Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain and I believe that you should only agree to be in one if the person is truly worth of all the compromise that it requites. From the information you've given, this guy is far from worthy. You have every right to be fed up with him and I completely support your decision to terminate things with him.

    I think that you shouldn't even text him that. You should simply send him a text message saying everything you need to say. Write it all out! Tell him about how he made you feel so there's no uncertainty regarding why he lost you. Send him the text and delete him from his life without even discussing things with him.

    • It really is such a stupid stupid mess. His brother and I are very very close. We talk more than Adam and I do. When Adam and I got into our huge fight on Wednesday, he threw in my face how Josh and I talk so much and people who are "dating" do not do those types of things. I told him right back well we are not dating so I do not see an issue with it. He said Well it's the concept of it. We talked like we were/want to date. But he was making no effort to even date me. My friend Patrick said that if he will not deal with the distance for a couple of months, then that just comes to show he's selfish! He told me over a text he does not get feelings for people over texting, video chatting or phone calls, and he does not say sweet things because if he gets feelings, fuck me right? I think it's just best for him and I to just let it go. Thank you for taking the time to reply. <3

    • I do not care what's best for him because he sounds like a very inconsiderate human being and I hold no kindness for that kind of person. Solely bear in mind what's best for YOU and he can learn from his mistakes from that and hopefully become a better human regarding how he treats women. It's best for you to just let it go. When a relationship is more about frowns than smiles, you know it's time to leave.

    • Thanks for MH!

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