Men, why would you call an ex after being broken up for close to a year?

My ex has only called me 3x in the year since we've been broken up. One of them being yesterday morning. No message left. About 15 minutes later, he is at my home and says he just stopped to say hi and wondered how my birthday was (3 days ago). Really? He went on to say some shitty things and I asked him to leave. What was the reason for the contact yesterday? He knows I will not be friends... too much history.


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  • He has been striking out with other women and is trying to get back with you because he can't find anyone else. Don't fall for it.

    • Well... that could be partly true. He had been screwing a married coworker and they got caught. Her spouse kicked her out of the house and she moved in with my ex and had been living there for 5 months after only screwing for a month. Apparently she moved out last week, but I guess he's still seeing her... idk. Thanks for your response.

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  • yess... i call her. and she calls too...

    • Did you read my whole question? He has only called 3x in close to a year. I have told him after being his girlfriend, best friend, everything for 11 years, I CANNOT be his friend. Does that change your answer?

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