Does he want me or not? So confused. He says we broke up, his stuff is still here and he insists I text him daily. (No he there is not other girl)?

Issues started months ago. (his best mate broke up with his gf and basically relied on my bf to pick us the pieces and distract him. So when ever we was together he was calling asking if he was around, My bf didn't realise the stress and pressure his mate was putting him under and I always felt its not my place to come between them so I left it. My bf always moaned at me for having no time to himself, I always argued this we have always seen each other 2-3 nights a week and that never changed)

I fell pregnant in May. His first reaction was abortion. I said I wanted to think because its not an easy thing to do. His friends all said I've cheated on him else Id have an abortion, If I have the baby make sure there's a DNA test, I trapped him into pregnancy.. I had accusations repeatedly, I was so drained trying to stand up for myself and couldnt take the fight no more after 6 weeks day in and out. He said I couldnt even look after the child I have, My kids are doomed with me as a mother, Im a monster, Im a life destroyer. We had one big final argement where I flipped and called him selfish and threw the fact he smokes weed in his face (Im no angel, I can be a bitch at times), Well some of this was done over voicemail where he played to his family and friends. we broke up. we kept arguin about the pregnancy for a week and I finally gave in and had an abortion. I did for him so "I didn't ruin his life". I didn't want the abortion.
Anyway.. things got a little more level this past 2 weeks, he said when we broke up we would remain friends...

His reasons for breakup.. We can't communicate and we want different things... He hasn't got his stuff from my house, yet has been over and he thought i had a date last week (with someone who is actually my cousin) and his attitude changed from friendly to blunt..

If its over why is his stuff here? why are we still friends? why the attitude change last week?
He says he still loves me and cares

Im in therapy now which we both said would do me some good as im depressed and had a hard teenage life. Well the other day I was feeling happy and rang him and he texted me how great it was to hear me happy.


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  • he still likes you. he just needs sometime to think


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