Was it a good thing to break up with my boyfriend?

In October of 2013 I broke up with my BF of 7 months due to some problems. One of my friends had been flirting and constantly on him. (when I say on him, I mean it. but not in a weird way. like piggyback rides and stuff) but he never noticed this problem. I tried to talk to him and he didn't understand. One day him, me, and my friend were climbing up a really steep hill. She said (terrible acting btw) "I can't get up the hill _____ will u carry me up?" He said yes. so they climbed the hill without me and left me struggling. Is that a bad thing? She also had a boyfriend at the time. Recently our swim team had an end of year pool thing and he and I bonded well again after ignoring each other. It seemed as if we were dating. But after that we never talked again. Not even on Facebook (which is irrelevant). What do you think? was it a good thing or no big deal? thanks for letting me sort of "rant"


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  • It seems to be a good thing because you had legitimate concerns that he didn't care to address.

    In relationships, you don't want your significant other to feel badly about some things, you'd change if the issue is reasonable.


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  • Nah, no biggie. You really wanna reconnect with a guy who either doesn't understand that his behavior with your friend is an issue or simply doesn't care


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