Is He Scared To Tell Me How He Feels or What? I Need Opinions?

I was dumped without knowing and he changed his Facebook status to single. Then He changed his password to Facebook and yahoo mail. Once I seen this I delete him from my Facebook list and ignored him. I didn't call, text. email or send a Facebook message. A week goes by and I out of the blue get a text from him saying Hey bby? I wake up and respond. Then he says I love you and I respond. Couple days go by he text me again I love you, I miss you and I respond he goes Awww muah let me get back to work and I told him okay. Today is my birthday and I have not heard anything from him. I did notice how he made a new Facebook and I can see it. The old Facebook with our memories is up and he has blocked me from seeing it. I have no idea why because I don't bother him unless he contacts me. I don't hate him or am mad about anything. I just don't understand why he's sending these text when he is the one that did all this too me. I have no request him as a Facebook friend online or have bothered to contact him first. A couple days will go by and he'll text me again. This time I am going to ask him what does he mean by these messages even though he's changed his status and hides Facebook accounts. I just ignore him like he ignores me because I don't have time for foolishness.


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  • It seems what happened was that he expected you to be crying and begging for him to come back. Once you ignored him, he panicked and tried to get back together. Though now he's probably still not wanting to be a part of this relationship.

    It's funny how the game works, and it does work as seen perfectly in your situation. The game being that being ignored actually makes you want that person even more.

    My advice? Break it off, quick and easy.

    • So you are saying the more I ignore him the more he is gonna keep sending these text trying to get me to chase him and ask for him to come back? If he doesn't wanna be with me then why does he keep sending these messages? He's either gonna have to open up and admit how he feels or what he wants or I am not gonna bother contacting him

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    • Based off of everything you're telling me, I think you have a pretty good hold of the situation, know what he's doing, and know what you want.

      If you're not happy, end the relationship.

    • I am single and I guess he still wants a relationship. He better find some manhood and solve his problems properly. I don't have time for nonsense and I sure won't feed in to it. So we'll see if he gest the clue either open up, tell me how you really feel or I will continue to ignore you unless I get a response from you first. Simple as that. Thank You so much for helping mw because I don't really have dating experience on top of that when I love or date someone I do my best to treat them right. Now in this situation I don't see that far as his family and him right now.

  • You're right, you don't have time for games. Just ignore him for good, he's being immature and a relationship is not something you can simply toy around with.

    • Is He mad because I won't stoop to his level, beg and chase after him? Hell he is the one that made this decision.

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    • Yes I am from this point on. Thank You so much for all your advice and explanation. I couldn't talk to family because they hate hearing his name.

    • No problem.

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