Ex boyfriend is being moody, aggressive and threatening me, what do I do?

I had asked a similar question earlier this month: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1066781-ex-bf-wants-me-back-after-dumping-me-making-me-feel-bad

He just won'\t leave me alone, and is even seeing someone new! But he treats her like crap and says he wants me back. I don't want to be with him because he scares me and also because he has treated me terribly in the past. I just can't deal with his behaviour any more.

He is now being all moody and threatening to kill himself because I won't see him anymore. I did tell him that if he gave me time and showed me that he had changed for the better, than maybe I would reconsider. But that we would definitely have a long road ahead of us if we went that route.

But instead of being patient and understanding. He's just stormy and moody and wants to threaten me with being really mean or breaking things to get me to change my mind.

Unfortunately we live together and I can't afford to get out of the lease :(

He says he's going to leave and I am hoping for that. But until then he is still here. We have separate bedrooms and everything and I am trying to make this as nice as possible for both of us considering the circumstances.


Most Helpful Guy

  • leave the whole situation, yo dont need somebody like that in your life and as for the other girl if you got involved you might just risk getting hurt yourself, if you think its worth the risk get involved how ever you can

    • I've tried to explain that to my ex, but he just doesn't get it. I think he honestly has some mental issues. Because he doesn't seem to understand why I am so stern about not wanting him back :S UGH!! :P

Most Helpful Girl

  • Get out of that! Sounds like the beginning of a Lifetime movie

    • No kidding! A really bad one with terrible acting as well! :S

    • Good luck sister!

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  • Tell him to go kill yourself.


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  • He's an abusive asshole. I understand you can't break your lease but leave as soon as possible, however possible.


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