Tell Me A True Reason From Experience?

Do you think a man that plays I love you games wants attention? How can you tell if an ex feels like he made the wrong decision on dumping you? How come they say sweet words and then ignore you?


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  • 1) The "I love you games" doesn't exist unless he has opened up to you (Meaning that he he vents and talks about what's wrong in his life).

    2) How can you tell if your ex made the wrong decision? When he has tried to talk to you again...

    3) He is most likely are doing something, or he wants you to change the topic somehow...

    • I haven't message with any conversation that's him and goes back to ignoring me.

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    • Yes once he sends me a message I will ask him that and wait for a response. Other than that I will pretty much continue to ignore him and leave him alone. He has to understand he is the man and made this decision. Now be a grown man and find out how to win me back. I am not going to start it off and he's lucky I wanna talk to him after how he's done anyways. Pride is too much and now he should see that the ego is too big.

    • Sounds good, just continue with your life as you said, you don't need to stalk your phone! Good Luck!

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