How do you guys deal with insecurities in a relationships?

Well I was in a 3 year relationship that didn't end too well, and I recently decided to venture out and try dating again after a good amount of time grieving. There's been a few great women, but one caught my attention. We both get attention from the opposite sex, and it's something that I'm used to when it comes to women I've dated, but for some reason I feel insecure about talking to her. I've already met her parents, friends, etc. Yet, sometimes she can be a carless caller or texter. (As in doesn't put much effort into it.) I know that some people just aren't big on communicating, and everyone is different but for some reason I get a weird vibe, or I just believe I'm over thinking a lot of it. Any suggestions or help?


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  • I would suggest talking to her and making her aware of what you are thinking and feeling, she probably just prefers face to face communication. If you are feeling really insecure about talking to her you are more than likely over thinking and seeing things in a clouded light. Take a deep breath and focuse, if you have met her family and friends you mean a great deal to her.


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