Clearing the air with an ex?

I was dating this guy for a few months earlier on in the year; we both decided it was best to end it with different reasons. There was a lot of drama after the break up as he was seeing other girls and making up rumours about me. This happened a few months ago and now that it's summer break I don't know whether to message him to clear the air or not? I'm over everything and trying to be mature about the whole situation, I just don't want him to think I'm not over him when I am.


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  • you're already proving to him you're over him by not even contacting him at all. he has no affect on your life for you to even have to contact him so I wouldn't message him. if you do message him he will think otherwise.

  • Just forget about him... If he makes up rumors about you then he's not worth your time. He sounds immature...


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