He doesn't want me but he won't let me go?

New again to the dating world after 16 years of marriage. I met up with an old friend and we hit it off just like old times. He and I ended up having sex but now he's saying he just wants to be friends. I told him I don't want to play games and I want to move on but he's not making this easy. We still talk and text, he's very talkative and friendly never rude. After awhile I thought he might still be interested but he's not. He says the sex was great but we won't be anything more than friends.
It's a year later and I found out he has a gf now. He insists he needs my friendship but I really want to cut ties so he doesn't use my feelings against me. He just won't let go. I don't get it. Is this a game or just the new style of casual dating?
Let me add that the last time he emailed me he wanted to know if I had found a replacement for him yet. He knew I was faithful for 16 years to my hubby and he was the first guy I had sex with since my divorce.


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  • Who cares what he wants. It is not entirely up to him. You are a free woman now learn to do what pleases you
    I say cut him off if he doesn't play by your rules


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