Guys/girls, be honest: have you ever been so jealous that your GF or BF broke up with you?

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and been so insanely jealous that your GF or BF had to break up with you? Have YOU ever broken up with someone because you were so jealous and suspicious you couldn't handle it?


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  • Yes, I have been dumped by my ex gf for jealousy issues. That was when I was 14, I do not even consider her a real girlfriend. I have a friend who is with a girl that is really really insecure and gets really mad and jealous when my friend talks to even my other friends girlfriends or sisters. I would not put up with that kind of behavior. I feel she may snip his penis off or something worse may happen while he sleeps.

    • Lol! It's been known to happen.

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    • Lorainna Bobbit, remember her?

    • I would look her up but then I do not really want to have it stuck in my mind. Poor penis...

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  • I broke up with one of my past boyfriends because he wouldn't want me to hang out with my friends later at night (I'm in college, late night hang outs happen all the time). He was so jealous of any one that would even speak to me. It drove us apart. I had to stop it if I wanted to have any social life besides him.


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  • no. 1 left me because she was a whore. I left the others because they were bitches. no jealousy in any of them really.


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