Making sense of what a male actually means in text?

Guys... Why would you send your ex a text saying you miss what we had and hope with time we can try again, Then when I brought the question up again 3 weeks later his reply was " I mite" So i replied that doesn't really give me a answer and his response was " i need to think hard" he says he loves me and of course i love him but what is so hard about saying what you feel? what you want etc/

The full reason for breakup can be read


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  • i dont want to be negative but i feel as if he mightve just wanted to get in your pants instead of starting a relationship again. like the "i miss us, i miss you" mightve just been a way to lure you in.

    • He wouldn't have much luck with that as we are now a 2 hour flight and on separate islands.

    • well then.. perhaps he's just confused about you. like he thought he wanted you back so he let you know and now when he has the chance, he mightve gotten nervous

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