Girlfriend recent break up?

my girlfriend broke up with me 1 month ago. after her birthday i got her a ring that looked like a engagement ring as a way of saying one day i want this to be forever. we dated for two years with highs and lows as a normal relationship has. after her birthday she was acting weird and was annoyed i didn't get her a card. we didn't speak for two weeks of something so stupid and then i messaged her saying i missed her and she responded saying it was over. she met face to face after i asked her and was yelling at me and telling me off about it all. the following week i messaged her a really long message just saying things that i enjoyed in our relationship and special times we had. she asked to see me that night because she wanted to hear it face to face and we did. after i said it all she just said she doesn't know which i felt was giving me false hope. we text the next day but she was being blunt so we stopped texting and agreed to go out on the Sunday as i told her i wanted to take her somewhere special. i took her because she always wanted to go to this place and we went but she just kept talking about how great her life is now. we spoke for a few hours in the car and the next day she messaged me saying she had a great time and it was perfect and hopefully in 12 months we can get back together! we agreed to give each other our stuff back but the day we were meant to meet she changed her number. we haven't spoken since ( 3 weeks ) but i saw a photo of her with a group of guys on social media. one of the guys has liked her for a while and always messaged her because she works with his mum and sister.

Im just confused if she is distracted and hasn't really thought about this and it being over or if she thinks she can have me when she wants so she isn't fazed? i really want this girl back and don't know the best approach because she even said i did nothing wrong but i know her friends want her to be single again but will she miss and want our special times back?


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  • I find it kinda rude that she just all of sudden changed her number the day u guys were suppost to meet. Sounds like she may be confused on what she wanted after you told her face to face how u felt, it stumped her. When she said hopefully we can get back together in 12 months, makes me think that she wants to be single right now for a while. You should just let her do her thing and maybe after a while you two can maybe get back together somehow. I dont think she will forget all the good memories that u guys shared. she's just seems to be focusing on being single right now.

    • thats what i thought but she's started hanging out with this other guy pretty quick and it does really affect me because I've tried to hang out with other girls and don't like it at all and just want her back. as its only been 1 month could she just be enjoying freedom and "single life " now and within the next month or two contact me

      changing her number is a big thing thats what confuses me and i hate this so much :(

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    • yeh i know it can go either way :( time tells all and we will see but i mean in my mind i sometimes think shell contact me and other times think she won't. its only really been 4 weeks so another month or two and if she doesn't then i guess then it'll be over but i need to move on with my life in the mean time.

      from a girls perspective best thing to do in this situation would be what to get her attention

    • From a girls perspective, im really not sure what to do other than go on and live ur life and enjoy yourself. If she sees that you moved on and living your life, maybe she will start to miss you & want to be back in ur life. I mean she's out doing her thing, so you should be doing your thing. :)

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