Give me advice on what to do?

Long story short. We've been dating for almost 2 years. We have a lot in common, even friends. But not being able to see him lately has made hard. We're currently in a fight which is about him facetiming his ex like every night we aren't together yet he gets jealous over little things I do. Guess he didn't get the agreement not to do it anymore and kept on doing it. Even though I said I'll breakup because I know she wants him back. he even tells me he is when I say whatsup which is a slap in the face almost. Instead of stopping the second time we fought, we made his compromise of him not telling me when he's doing it because I said it makes me feel like shit. I mean, you don't even facetime your own gf.. Ugh. I'm too shy to complain. I just feel like we're much different in this way. And its been going on like this for so long I'm just really sick of it. but when he can tell I am, he gets all nice and bam, there I am at the beginning of what now seems a never ending cycle. help please.


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  • Move on. He is NEVER going to be the guy you can have a meaningful, healthy, durable relationship with. Make a plan on how to end it and stick to it. Cut him out of your life forever. No contact when it is done. It won't be easy, but you will thank yourself later. And if your girlfriends have ever had to of heard of this travesty you've posted here they too will thank you. Heheh.

    • well thats the thing, I'm to embarrassed of it to even ask advice from friends. not even my best friend. and yeah I agree it would be really hard considering actually having things in common and wanting the same things for our future. :/ *sigh*. Relationships suck.

    • "Relationships suck" - No doubt. I feel you on that one.

      I wish you the best of luck, I truly do.

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