How do I get over my first love?

Back in September 2013 I met this girl and we clicked instantly. We started talking more and more and after a month of constant contact I wanted to ask her out. However she got mad at me for a reason. We started talking again in during fall break and it was great but a week later she started dating my best friend. They dated for 2 months and in January they finally broke up.

She came to me heartbroken and I helped her get through it. Not too long after she told me that she liked me. At this point I didn't like her and I was skeptic to her liking me and I saw it as a way to get back at my friend. I made excuses why we couldn't date and she kept insisting that we should. I finally gave in and I told her we could but she said she needed to get over my friend. For a month we talked all day and I truly started to love this girl. However when ever I asked her to hangout or on a date she would give and excuse why not until she finally said yes. We went to see Frozen. I paid for her held the door open and it was amazing literally one of the best moments of my life.

After the movie she texted me saying she didn't want anything more than just friends. I was heartbroken and we didn't talk for a couple weeks. Around Valentine's Day we started talking once again and we once again we clicked right off the bat.

After 2 months she started dating an older kid from my school who was bad news. I told her and she didn't believe me. He asked her to Prom and broke up with her the next day.

Once again she came to me heartbroken. After that it all felt different like she actually wanted to be together. Right before school was over she said I was holding her back and she didn't want to talk at all anymore. Since weve talked on and off and she knows I like her. She has a BF now and tells me she loves me but she won't leave him. I want to get over she's put me through hell but Im truly in in love. My question is how do i get over my first love?


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  • Omg poor thing... :(.. This girl needs to get punches.. You first need to realize she's playing with you feelings and using you... Then you need to stand your ground and tell her you can't do it no more.. And tell her how you feel.. If she really loved you she wouldn't put your hopes up and tear you down... I once loved someone... I would've done ANYTHING for him.. That's how important he was to me... This girl doesn't deserve you or your heart.. I know its difficult to move on... But trusg me... Time heals and you will feel better.. I took a year. and I'm not gonna lie.. It hurt like hell... I felt I was never gonna be able to move on. I felt I was go na feel miserable my whole life.. But along came someone else and made my life much better... Now I love this other person.. And he means Soo much to me... Don't let this girl play with you.. I know its difficult to cut her off but you have to do it and stand your ground..

    • Yeah stuffs happened lately and I've blocked her number and on Twitter and all that and you're right it does feel like ill never get over her but itll all work out eventually. thanks for the advice:)

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  • man, this sucks. first things

    First, cut off the friendship, it will hurt like hell, but it's the first thing you need to do.

    Secondly try hanging around new people who don't know her, bc if you guys have mutual friends obviously her name is bound to come up in a conversations.

    Three, have faith that you'll get over her, well that should be number two, but you get the point.

    Four, do not, and I mean DO NOT harm yourself over this girl, you will think about it in the process.

    Five, if she comes back or begs or talks or even CRIES don't give in. She WILL take advantage of your kindness, and fool you again and THEN you'll want to do step four, and we the universe wouldn't want that.

    I think that's about it, I told you the steps I did to get over mines after being mislead like 2-3 times by the same guy, but hey, this makes us all stronger, good luck! (:

  • No offence or anything but she's messed up. The way I see it is that she's taking advantage of you. Like she knows you like/love her and would do anything to see her happy and well she's kinda messing with you. If she really liked you she shouldve been excited and over the moon that you feel the same way and you want to be with her. I know I would. Either there's something going on with her or she's been hurt before and there's this fear of moving on.. but that doesn't explain the dating with the other 2 guys. Getting over someone you truly love is hard. If you really completely want to move on from her, find something to keep your mind busy, anything that can take your mind off her and I guess time will sort everything. It all just takes really which really sucks, but it will get better. :)

    i hope what i said makes sense. and i hope you work this out! :)

    • I get what your saying. What hurts the most is that my first love never loved me back but you're right time will sort everything and it will all work out. thanks:)

  • Cut her out of your life all together. It may seem like the worst thing ever but in the end it'll be worth it. Hangout with friends and just do anything to keep your mind off her. Time will help you get over her, your still young don't waste time on someone who seems like all they care about is their own happiness.


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