CHEATING: guys what would you say?

what would you say to your girlfriend to break up with her if you found another lady (but not actually telling her you found another lady).


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  • Any reason for breaking up would work. The simplest is "I just don't feel we're compatible any longer"

    • well my ex bf broke up with me. he says he can't juggle uni work friends and me at the same time. however the week before he was like to me whilst we were in a deep convo, he was like i want you to sleep over every week from now on. then a week later he says he wants to break up.

      do you think he found someone new?

    • It's possible. Or he is telling the truth that he's having a change of heart.

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  • There is never a what if when it comes to my relationship <3


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  • When it comes to breakups... anything that sounds like bull... is... so he basically wasn't interested in you anymore.

    • he broke up with me but it didn't sound like bull, cause i understood where he was coming from. we both were like we glad we had this while it lasted and we glad we both understood each other.

      but then when iw as thinking over and over again it started to sound like bull... maybe i was over thinking?

    • No u weren't its all bull... as guys, we are simple in the way we make decisions... we see the situation as something we don't want anymore and use any means of getting out of it to our advantage. If the relationship had been hinting at a breakup, he used that for you to understand and not hurt you so much... except that when we do that, its more second nature than a thought. I'm not saying that what he said was bull, just that it wasn't as complicated for him as it is for you. He just simply wasn't interested anymore and made it sound like, oh this is what i feel for us and stuff. Because how would it sound, im just not interested anymore so bye. Not so good... but either way u said u were feeling the same way or something like it... he could have picked up on that and used the moment to leave.

  • I would definitely say that i am not fit for you and possible that our future path cross each other. So better we break up.

  • You deserve better than me.


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