People who have won back an ex... advice please!

When a man loses interest in you and "doesn't want you anymore" how can you get him back. I have no intention of moving on right now. How should I act? What should I do? Not do?


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  • The best thing to do after a break up is give space to the dumper and lots of it. If you are talking to them constantly they can't miss you, also work on yourself and get rid of any one-itis you might have, force yourself to go on dates not to make him jealous but to boost your self-esteem.
    Trust me by time he wants you back you won't want him if you do these things.

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    • Message me it.

    • Okay I did!

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  • Leave him be and if he misses you or regrets the break up he will tell you. You can't manipulate him into wanting you. Besides not working, it will leave you without dignity.


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