Any tips to get over a tough break-up?

Hello guys,

I've recently broken up with my boyfriend of 2 years. Unfortunately he made no effort for the relationship to work towards the end and I had to end it.

He seems completely fine with it since he's busy having fun with some of his best friends who are in town for two weeks.
Although I know I made the right decision, I can't get him off my mind and I'm really depressed and anxious.

I keep on thinking about all of the things we had planned to do together this summer (which involved me meeting some of the friends he always talked about, and going to the beach with them, sleeping over at his place etc..). It kills me not to be a part of this anymore.

I always had a thing for him, and he always had a thing for me, even before we started seriously dating. I always liked him even when we didn't see each other for months. So it's the toughest break up I've had to deal with.

I've been through pages of websites that tell you how to get over a break up, but I was wondering if you had any of your own? Like stuff that you've tried and worked for you?


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  • Here's how I got over my first breakup: I indulged on computer games for 10 hours a day (yeah, don't try that). So here's what I would do in my future self:

    1. Wake up and tell myself - don't you think of that guy, don't think of him, no - don't even try.
    2. Have a nice coffee and a royal breakfast. Take the time, 10 seconds staring at it and think about how nice it tastes and how it's all yours.
    3. Look in the mirror, heck, you're healthy, you could do so many things including running, biking, dancing. Wouldn't you want to see your already healthy body flourish? It's time to get the game started. Love yourself because that's the person you should be focused on.

    Treat yourself and take care of yourself, you'll never betray yourself unless you decide that someone is more important than you.


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  • There is nothing really you can do, to get over a bad break up. What you can do , is just focus on other things, and don't waste your time on thinking about something that wasn't going to happen. Don't look for reasons why it happened, or should of happened this way. Thats life, life has its funny ways of treating you somtimes. Every experience in life you get, treat as something that benefited you.

    The person you become is how you react to that experience, it will either beat you to your knees, or you can decide this experience has made me more wiser and knowlegable person to deal with it in the future.

    Bad experiences are there teach you about yourself, ask yourself what you have learnt about yourself, that I can improve on for the future. .


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