Had to meet up my ex last week and I broke down when I told her I missed talking to her. Did I really screw up?

I broke up with my ex about 5 weeks ago. She dumped me... but I kind of lead her into it. Long story but I basically lost physical interest in her but still loved her emotionally. She felt like I wasn't giving her enough attention.

Anyway we met up for professional reasons last week. She is finishing a web design job for me. Since the break up she has been very icy, never initiating contact and only responding for professional reasons. We met in person to go over my website and it was a very productive meeting. At the end of the conversation I said "Hey E do you remember when we broke up you said... don't be a stranger... did you mean that? or was that just spur of the moment?". She gave me a halfway answer saying she didn't mind talking but it was weird talking to exes... etc. My guess is that she means "no I didn't mean that". However I looked her in the eyes and said "I miss talking to you" and I almost broke down (eyes got a little wet). This was very true... I missed talking/hanging out with her intensely in the last few weeks. That is the ONLY TIME I have ever broken down in front of her. Ever. I apologize for getting emotional and got myself back together.

Did I really screw up? I've done the no contact rule with her since.


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  • If an ex said that to me that way I'd definitely be re-thinking the break up. My guess is she's thinking it over. How long ago was this?

    • I told her last Thursday, five days ago. However she stayed icy the entire time... even when I broke down a bit. I was a little embarrassed afterwards.

    • I'm really sorry! maybe she just got hurt and turned those emotions off towards you. I definitely don't think you were weak for doing what you did. I think that was courageous and honest and I would have respected that. I hope she does.

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  • No, that was actually a beautiful thing you did. I think you got her thinking when you showed how much she meant for you.

    • I hope so... I have never broken down in front of her. However I'm concerned I appeared less masculine and it turned her off.

    • To be honest, it is masculine. I actually thought it was pretty deep.

    • I agree.

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  • That was nice of you to say it to her. Im sure she misses you too. You probably have her thinking right now about you since you told her you missed her.


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