Please help me to go through outta this problem?

he ditched me without any reason.. iam not able to foreget him as i truly loved him.. though guys like me but iam not able to trust anyone nowdays iam afraid of being in love now.. iam not able to trust any guy. why iam afraid of being in love again... please help me


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  • Hi. There will be a better guy out there, sure you love him, but he musn't have loved you back. I'm sorry, but you can honestly do with better. There are guys out there that would love you for you and wouldn't ditch you. You can trust guys, If you've had a bad experience with them don't generalise, YOU'VE just had a bad experience with them. You can change that somehow, just find a nice guy.

    • problem is iam not able to forget him can't let go off my mind.. i want to forget every memories of him

    • Do something to take your mind off of him. Take up a new hobby or invest more time in one hobby. Go out with friends, meet a different guy. If he ditched you for no reason at all, then he's the one in the wrong, not you. You don't deserve a guy like him if you're going to love him and get that, back.

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  • Unfortunately I went through something similar. An ex boyfriend, a corpsman, was getting station in Okinawa and he had to move, but left without even letting me know when and I lost all contact with him. I was heart-broken for what felt like FOREVER. I am not going to say it is easy, but it's not especially without any closure. I ended up deleting all of pictures, texts, etc. sort'of like erasing and starting new. I talked to friends a lot and spent free doing activities to keep my mind at ease.


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