She broke up with me, and its my fault?

I'm young but I'm serious about my relationship, my girlfriend loves me and I love her. But She did break up with me. I will tell you why. first off we did fight often, usually my fault, I was very controlling, possessive and got jealous really often, she could with her friends and I'd get upset. This was a trending problem and I knew it was. but whenever I asked if everything was alright, she said Yeah everything is fine. So a communication problem was there. I would get jealous, if she was doing something fun without me which I now know was very selfish of me. I also threatened suicide throughout the relationship but so did she. She told me to stop but I'm too stupid to listen because suicide runs in her family, so its a sensitive subject. I also appeared very depressed all the time and would always be mad, she doing things without me, fighting over little things. it seems that she did not like the fact that I didn't do things unless it was with her, she wanted me to do my own stuff too, but I loved her so much I was blind. now post breakup she has told me that she can't do it anymore and its too stressful for her. she told me her decision is final and nothing I do will change that. I will also mention I asked her another chance and that I would change, but she said that doesn't believe I will. she doesn't think I will keep that promise because she has tried with me and it hasn't sunk in I guess. Well the question is what do I do? I love this girl more than anything in the world, I just put myself into counseling and am currently seeking professional help so that I can change, I'm also hanging out with more of my friends rather than just her. doing things, and most of all I've decided to give her space, trying to as much as she wants. also note that she does love me, she in a lot of pain while this is going on, so what do you suggest I do? is it even possible for me to somehow win her back? she's not even willing to try to give me another chance? what do I do?
I also forgot to mention that I am doing it for myself and her, not just because of her, but I love her and I hope she changes her mind.


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  • Your on your way. Just worry about fixing you because you want to be helped. Change because you want to be changed. Don't change purely for her. When you have your own problems figured out, then you can go back to her. Show her real change, and you might have a chance.


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  • Keep a day to day journal of all the things you did since, include pictures and show it to her. If that doesn't work, nothing will.


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  • You need to change because you want to, not for the purpose of getting back with her. There's a subtle but fundamental difference.


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