How do I Get my Ex-Boyfriend Back (Living in Different Countries)?

My ex and I dated for about 6 months while he was here doing his internship. The only reason we broke up was because he had to move back to Germany. He broke my heart! About three weeks after our break up he emails me and we've been in contact ever since (the break up was in Feb and it's now the end of July). We Skype about once a week (for over an hour every time), and we sometimes text during the week, but sometimes we don't (that's ok, I guess). When he returned back to Germany he had apparently written my birthday into his calendar because he remembered it. He has invited me to go visit him in Germany and I was going to go, but can't now because something came up at school. When I told him this he genuinely looked sad. I told him that I'd like to come when I graduate my Masters. He asked when I was finished and I told him next summer.

The first time he contacted me after our break up, he apologized for the break up and told me that he wants to fix this (his words). He also told me that he was thinking of coming back here to write his thesis in May (the May coming up) because he misses everyone here, especially me. On a side note, he wasn't able to say that he'll miss me when he was still here when we went through our break up, but he does miss me and has said it since. He also did say that he loves me (after our break up) and I believe him.

I am so in love with this man! He is everything I'm looking for in someone (I'm 31 and I've dated a number of men and have finally found the man I want to be with.) What are my chances of getting him back? When we were together we were inseparable!!! He did everything for me, came to my home town for Christmas, after only two months of dating, and we were together every single day (for the 6 months we were dating, we didn't see each for maybe two weeks total.) He also took care of me while I was sick, two weeks into dating. He is the most amazing guy and I want to know if I still have a chance. Thank you!!
My ex hasn't said that he <3 me since we broke up in Feb, but should I expect him to maybe say it still? We know how we both feel about each other anyway. It's already stressful being in 2 dif continents. Also, is ok if he doesn't get a bday present?
Plus, we are both full time university students (he's doing his Bachelor and I'm doing my Masters.)
We are still Skyping every wk. He's still planning on coming back to Canada next May. My German friend said that if he was in this situation he'd do it exactly the same as my ex. My friend said that my ex is probably coming back for me. Why not?
He also said that doing a Thesis in Germany (why he's coming back in May) is easier than in Canada, so why wouldn't my ex be coming back to Canada for me? I want to believe that this is true. We decided to Skype every wk instead of Skyping randomly.


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  • It's inevitable that you will, it's just a matter of time. I think your family could also help if they knew that this is how you felt.

    • Thank you for writing. I know the German culture is very different from Canadian culture, as well as their schooling (he's working on his schooling 24/7 and is unbelievably busy... he was even watching many of the German World Cup games from his computer at home while doing work.) He's swamped with school and pretty much has no social life. He does make this time for me, which I absolutely love! My friends and family say that the fact that he even talks/Skype's with me once a week is a lot, given the fact that we are broken up. My family does know, and has known this whole time, about how I feel and what the situation is. I'd love it if someone could look into the future and tell me that he will come back to me. Nothing in our relationship happened that would make us break up except for him having to go back to Germany to continue with school. There was never any infidelity, lying, etc. It was the best relationship I have ever had. I had no idea there were great guys like him out there

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    • Thanks.

    • np :) Thank you for your nice comment regarding my situation.

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