Did my ex unblock me trying to send of a signal?

Me and my ex were dating for a year and eight months, we are both 19 year old and had no problems during the relationship. We were eachothers first serious love and we talked about how we'd name our kids when we got to that point, where we should get married and even about moving out together. She was my best friend and I was her best friend. One night she called me crying, she told me she didn't knew if she loved me anymore and she wanted to meet. I went to her house and she broke up with me, I was shocked, I never saw it coming. After the breakup we discussed things like why we broke up and I apologized for some mistakes I made during the relationship and I told her that I changed. She told me that she could not believe I had changed (I really did change after the breakup) and that she did not want to give me a second chance. That was the moment where I started begging and pleading and she told me she felt like she felt like she was being pushed. I once again told her I was sorry and we did NC for two weeks.

After those two weeks I started talking again, we came to a point where we were talking about dating other people. She admitted that she had kissed another guy but she immediatly said it was a big mistake. I couldn't blame her because I also kissed another girl wich wasn't a succes either. Then she started asking about my sex life and I didn't think she had to know anything about that so I refused to tell her anything. She began getting irritated and the conversation started going down hill from there. At one moment we started saying things we didn't mean and she blocked me from whatsapp. When I calmed down I texted her and we made things up.

When I looked 2 days ago I noticed I was unblocked, I could tell because her status and picture changed. She hasn't talked to me and I haven't talked to her either, I am on 10 days of NC right now and I feel like I haven't given her enough time to really miss me and the relationship.

What do you guys think?
I just texted her, she admitted that she looked at my pic multiple times and she was very curious if I started dating and with who. She freaked out because she thought I dated a girl I had liked before. She is jealous and curious, is it a good sign?


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  • She's confused
    She's has other male distractions that come-go
    She wants to see what you're up to (she's blind to this if blocking)
    She is self-centered
    She needs to be told what to do, so capture her now if you want her

    • You think contacting her now is a good idea? It's my first breakup and I kind a feel like I messed things up already.. I don't mind doing some of the dirty work but I'm afraid she will just disappoint me again by saying she doesn't like me anymore

    • I would think ONLY of what YOU want at this point... "if you don't enter, you'll not win"

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