My bf and I broke up, he's back on fb, "hid his relationship status" meaning he didn't make up public that he was single again, AND... Read more?

Took some pics down of me, he still kept like 2 or something when we went snowboarding. I took my fb down. Why hasn't he deleted my pics completely?


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  • I think he wants space atm, trying to cut it off slowly so people don't pester him about the breakup.
    By taking some pics down, he is slowly letting go, leaving a few pics up doesn't make it obvious to his friends and family so no one bothers him right now.

  • Probably because he enjoyed snowboarding and he doesn't associate them with you

    • He had plenty of him snowboarding

    • Maybe he just likes the pictures. My fiancĂ© has a few of his ex. Never looks at them but keeps them as a reminder of his time stationed in California

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