Is this a reason to breakup?

My bf of 3 months makes a lot of money (not at all why i dated him. I already did the "sugar daddy" thing and realized I wanted a real relationship where I can count on the other person esp emotionally.) But, part way through our ship I lost my job. I never made much to begin with, but it always seems to shock my bf whenever i bring up some tidbit about my financial situation. It has gotten worse to where im afraid i can't make rent coming up. People keep telling me i shld ask him, but i somehow feel wrong doing it.

Then i think if he really cares for me wouldn't he want to help me? He spendt over $200 on liquor and didn't bat an eye when i thought it was excessive. But when i tried to bring up how bad my situation has gotten he keeps changing the subject or just won't even respond (almost like he doesn't want to know). If he truly cared wouldn't he want to know and help me? Am I wrong here? He should know by now im not after his money. Even when i didn't have much i bought him gifts and treated here and there. I dont want to ask outright i want him. to offer, but he can't if he won't even hear how bad things are!

I've done odd jobs here and there, but its still not enough. My religious dad doesn't like i sleep over my bfs house so he won't help and my mom is too poor.

I guess Im wondering of we should break up so I can find a guy that isn't so hung up on me possibly using him and will actually treat me the way I hear so many other females are pampred. If a guy likes you so much wouldn't he do almost anything for you?

I would pay him back of course. I dont want to be a burden on him, but to me its also a sign of the future that in bad times i can't count on him and its making me question our rs.


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  • why dont you just move in with him


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  • Really painful to know such a case. Ur boyfriend earns a lot and ignores ur financial crises. Shit. He is really a poor guy. Much poorer than u. When he spends so much on his own amusments , he should have asked for help by his own. But he dint. How can u even think of living with such a guy .

  • I think you should move on. Also, I am sorry, but your dad is a bit of a jerk. I don't really believe in pre-marital sex either, but that is no excuse to forget about ties of blood and not help you when you are in trouble. And does he not help your mother either?

  • Money is what you are after in my opinion. You think you are clever and that you are successful in hiding your true thoughts, just by keeping them at the very very back of your mind and pretending that you yourself are not even aware of them? And you think that it takes a genius to pepper him with some tiny little gifts here and there with the intention of then getting back multiple times the amount that you have spent in gifts or otherwise?
    I think he knows that you are after his money and that's why he ignores you or changes the conversation.
    Also it seems that it is too much of a coincidence that first you did the sugar daddy and now again miraculously your new boyfriend is well off.
    Just admit it, say that you want them to spend money on you in order to feel loved. And so to me it seems that fundamentally it is about you. You love yourself more than anything and your kids when and if you get them. You love your blood. Go to hell and take your gold digger heart with you.

    • That is very hurtful. If all i cared about was the money i would never have ledt my sd for real possible love. Sure i want financial security in a man bc all my life I've never had it! Even after getting scholarships to an ivey college i still struggle. Im trying my best but it can be nice to have help everyonce in awhile. He can do it if he afford it and i pay him back. Im not looking to be taken care of im looking for HELP. You know thats what humans do! I would strip or find a sugar daddy now then iff i dodnt have a boyfriend i care about but im not and the sd thing i actually fell for him and it lasted a year but he couldnt love me so i ended it. It happened once. Im by no means a gold digger. Im a romantic and needs a guy to show he cares!

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    • how do you know her situation isn't tru i have friends who are in the exact same predicament is it bad that id love to see you in her problem?

    • Really JACKBLUE, you think i'm a cynic? Now why do I hear of these stories of women sucking on their "husbands"?
      And you BASKETBALLDICK, why do you want to see me in a financially difficult situation?
      ASKER who knows why you left your sd in the first place? The fact that you already did it once shows that you have certain affinities.

  • It's not fair that you expect him to give you help without asking for it.


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  • what a poor guy he is.. just leave him and you move on find someone who will treat you the way you like.


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