I can't go out because I don't want to see him?

Me and my ex broke up the other week.
It was really hard for me, but things had been rocky with us for a while and he honestly doesn't care at all.
He's also one of those people who move on really fast and is a huge flirt.
We both go to a fairly small uni, that is a party school.
I have been avoiding going on nights out recently because I am SO scared of running into him, and especially watching him with other people.
I don't want him to effect the rest of my uni life.
How to I stop this happening? HELP?


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  • Just ignore his ass if you run into him say hi then move on there's no point in small talk if you dont want him in your life


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  • Just go out anyway and don't give a fUCK about him. It's really that simple. DO IT.


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  • well hiding isn't going to help. just do as he does and act like you dont care


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