Why a girl would block everyone else to see our photos except me?

She broke up with me almost 2 months ago, and I haven't talked to her in almost a month.

She had some photos of us in her FB, but now she blocked them, because I can still see them from my account but my friends cant... why a girl would do this?


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  • She's not ready to let go of your time together, even though she broke up with you. You probably played a more significant part in her life than you realize... and she isn't entirely ready to move on, even though she probably hid them to show others she is no longer taken... ultimately, considering the fact that this site is for outsider feedback and I do not know the whole situation... my suggestion is this: if you two are on at least fairly good terms (still able to say 'hi' if you happen to be passing by workout getting a mean look or reaction)... talk to her about it. Only she can give you a proper answer.


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  • Perhaps she just didn't want to delete them but at the same time doesn't want others thinking you both are still together

  • She wants to make you jealous... I used to do the same thing. So young and foolish i was


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