My boyfriend is divorced and sometimes it scares me?

They ended the marriage a few years ago and they don't have kids. He doesn't like her anymore. We met recently so he's been alone for a while. He's older than me by about 12 years I'm 23.
He is definitely very committed to our relationship but I can tell he was hurt by the divorce. The woman left for another man who is rich because my boyfriend took a pay cut to have a less stressful job and him making less money was a strain for her.

It scares me a lot. He said he wants kids and is open to remarry as long as he doesn't feel pressured into it. I would never force him to marry me. But I am scared of how his past will affect him and our relationship. He is a sweet guy and seems to trust me but I still fear.

Can anyone offer some insight?


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  • Coming from a bad relationship recently, I can provide my POV. He's showing immense care towards you and is bringing up kids with you. He obviously cares a great deal about you. He has put a lot of his pain from his past relationship behind him. Like most people leaving a bad relationship, we look for people that shows us different qualities from our past partners. You showed him you are different from his ex wife. That means a lot. I wouldn't be scared if I was you. Don't focus on his past and try not to think about his ex-wife. Try to be the best you b/c that's the person he cares about. Continue being genuine and honest. Never hide anything beyond surprises for him. Hiding things from a person who has been betrayed is the worst. I'm sure you guys can be happy together.


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  • What do you think he's learned from the past?
    I think he's learned that some people are more interested in his money, than in him as a person.
    He's surely going to be happier if he's avoiding people like that. You obviously appreciate him as a person, and not because of how you can exploit him.

    It all sounds good to me, and I don't think you have anything to worry about.

  • dont let his past effect you thats his past and remember that his wife left him and also reasure him that you are not her and you won't cheaf on him


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