Men, what would be a reason to go to your ex's home and say things to try to hurt her or make her jealous?

Are you looking for an ego boost from her reaction?


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  • My guess is he's hurting so he wants to transfer that onto you.

    • What would he be hurting from? Just curious what you think. The end of us?

    • That'd be my guess. He's hurt over losing you.

    • Well... we've been broken up for close to a year and he was having an affair with a married coworker up until recently. Even moved her and 2 of her kids in 6 months after I moved out. Asshole!!!

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  • If I were a complete asshole/bastard, then that would be a reason. If someone did this to you, its because wants to make you jealous AMD feel good about himself... But in the end that just means you are the bigger person and he cares a lot about what you think of him. Dont let it get to you... He's a desperate fool

    • And*

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    • Well its in a different way. Because why else would he wanna impress you with his new girl, right? If he truly didn't care, he wouldn't get any sort of pleasure from you being jealous and thinking he's moved on, see what I mean?

    • Idk... I think he was just being an asshole. :( Thanks for your response.

  • While I agree with some of the comments here, I have to say to some measure asker you are correct in your assumptions.

    Yes he's hurt, but what drove him to do this was his ego. It was protecting itself. It did need a boost because it was low and it thought this would do just the trick. I wouldn't be too mad at him though, sometimes people just react this way. They can't control it and sometimes they don't even truly know what they're doing or why they are saying what they're saying until it's too late. They become emotionally highjacked. Could happen to anyone. Doesn't make it right, doesn't mean you shouldn't protect yourself from it and him. I just wouldn't get too worked up over it. That's all.

    • It's hard not to get worked up. I love this man and want to be with him. He chose to end things, but keeps f'ing with my feelings. :(

  • He's probably not looking for anything. He's probably just running on some biological drive in his head. I doubt he has any hidden motives he's just a guy doing what he thinks he should just like everyone else in the world. He's not looking for an ego boost or to hurt you he's just a human being making a bad decision like we all do sometimes.

    • I'm not sure what you mean. I am his EX and have been for close to a year. I made it VERY clear when I moved out, that we could NEVER be friends... too much history. He has NO reason to come to my home. But since he chose to, he had NO reason to be a jerk and attempt to make me jealous or to upset me. I have left him alone and have been working on letting go of US... :(

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    • I guess... he made the decision to end it and said we will NEVER get back together. I'm trying to move on with my life without him and it SUCKS when he plays with my emotions. :(

    • It does suck. I've been there before but I'm glad you looked for someone to help you talk through it rather than letting it eat at you. You don't have to let him have control over your emotions if you don't want to. It was an incident it happened but if you're content with moving on then stay that way. Write it down as a bad experience bundle it up and throw it away cause it's in the past and you don't have to dwell on it if you don't want to. It'll probably come back to bother you but just dismiss it again. So he tried to make you jealous and was being rude let that be his problem not yours. He made the decision to come to your house but you're the one choosing to care.

  • he's not over u yet

    • Well... he was apparently over me at some point. He was having an affair with a married coworker and she moved in 6 months after I moved out I would THINK he was over me when he moved her in... idk... ugh!!! This sucks!!!

    • just cause he has SEX with her doesn't mean he LOVES her. guys get this confused sometimes. The only things we return to are the things we miss. he must miss something about u, otherwise why would he waste his time?

    • Well... it was obviously a little bit more than just sex if he let her move in. I know he probably misses aspects of our relationship... we were together quite a few years. Thanks for your response.

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