Why does he act like he likes me one day, then doesn't the next?

We broke up about a week ago and decided we should get to know each other better before dating. The next day we talked and it was really awkward and he stopped texting back. Two days later he texted me "so I'm gonna assume we aren't talking anymore?:/" and he said he missed me and wanted to talk to me. He went to sleep for a few hours then woke up and it was awkward again! He was short answered and then all of a sudden he said he wanted to see me and called me babes. I didn't think much of it then the next day he was asking if I was talking to someone bc he saw my guy friend posting on my wall and I also noticed he added another one of my good guy friends. He said he still wants something to happen in the future and he still likes me a lot. the next day he was saying he wanted kisses and wanted to cuddle and called me babe. He told me I was the only girl he talked to and was asking if I was the only guy he talked to. Then the next day it was awkward all over again! In the morning he was saying come cuddle and stuff and calling me adorable then he got sleep (his sleep schedule is messed up) and woke up at like 7 and he was so short answered. we were just sending faces back and forth and I said "so what's up" then he never replied and we didn't talk all the next day until later at night. he was a little short answered but we had a normal conversation but it felt like more as friends, and he didn't say anything cute like he usually does like "come cuddle" or "you're cute". then I fell asleep and messaged him "sorry I crashed haha" and he saw it but didn't reply and now we haven't talked all day. I also noticed in this week after we broke up he always says he's tired and he sleeps all the time and while we dated he barely slept and was barely tired. Sometimes now he'll say "no I don't wanna sleep I'm talking to you" but sometimes says "I think I'm probably gonna" and no matter what ends up sleeping, for like 7 hours. I'm just confused on how he's acting.


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  • He's manipulating you.
    The off again, on again ties you up into knots.
    Only he know whether this intentional.
    Often, the manipulator first manipulates him or herself before manipulating another.
    Your boundaries keep being tested. This is not good.
    Wish I had better news for you... this sucks.


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