Can you tell me was this the right decision and what do you think I should do now?

I was in a long distance relationship and he sends a break up text. Then I receive a call a week later and he claims that wasn't him. Now months later he gets on Facebook change his status to single, I delete him and ignore. He sends a text week later saying how much loves me, misses me. Then birthday comes I don't hear a word. Next morning he apologizes for missing my birthday so I just say okay. Then next day he ask me about something we did online together so I give him the answer. Next day no response I tell him good night. He doesn't respond. So I sent a text message asking him is he single, in a relationship or does he want to get back together? I ask him to be honest and cut the games. I haven't received a response yet. So I am gonna continue enjoy my life and if he contacts me without answering my question I am gonna ignore it. I don't wanna to hear anything but what I ask otherwise I will ignore it. I am not gonna play games or all him to come in go.


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  • You did the right thing. Regardless of what he says find someone else. He sounds like an asshat.

    • Yes, games are over. No more lies, mix signals and in out of my life. Now I bet he is choking because his little plans are over. So I am sure he'll sit around for couple of days trying to figure out how he can response of get on my good side to keep having contact with me. Guess what if he doesn't send that answer I will ask him the same thing and then go back to ignoring him. I don't wanna date right now just enjoy my life. But if the right or better man comes I'll get to know them.

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  • Yeah, that seems fine. All you have to do now is see what he says and respond based on that and what you want to do.

    • Thank You, I am gonna enjoy life as much as possible. When he decides answer I will respond. But if he comes with something other than answering my question I will ignore it or I'll say are you single? in a relationship or do you want to get back together? I don't care if he says I love you that will be my response.

    • Sounds good. Though, I kind of agree with Blueeyes up there. He's not worth it. On top of that it's long distance, so I think unless you really feel you want to give him another chance... l'd let him go.

    • Lol, I don't even know if I care enough for all of that. I just want to know why he does one thing and says another. Until he can explain what's going on I won't waste time contacting him. He is the one that start sending me text messages after I ignore him once he change Facebook status. We use live in same state for 3 1/2 years. We dated after he moved too so its not like there's no history. The point I am making here regardless of the sweet text, you have made those other choices, so all of a sudden now he come back acting like nothing is wrong? No, I won't be his toy, no mix signals and emotional games. He probably doesn't know what to say now because he thought his plan was working and he could keep me around somehow. Nope, answer my question and or stop contacting me.

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  • Ignore him, move on, he is a tool.

    • Lol, I have moved on and he contacts me. That's why I ask him what does he want because I do ignore him. You made a decision and now something sweet comes in text? It was just a simple answer.

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    • He's just trying to get you back and he doesn't understand that he f'ed up. That's all.

    • Yes, I am good because I don't have time for that. So I just ask him to be honest and explain why he is doing all this? Regardless I have move on life is a blessing and that's how I see it.

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