“Feeling like you did, if you knew how in love with you I was, why did you make love with me?" Do you find that to be an offensive comment?

I'm just curious to see if guys and girls, find
that to be an offensive comment and or
question. Because, that's what Nick said to
Andi on the after the rose special and everybody
is making a huge deal out of it. I watched it and
the way he said it, you could tell it was question
that had been on his mind for a while. But, it
wasn't intended to be offensive. I don't think
it was offensive, it was a legitmate question.
Unfortunately, he still didn't get any closure.

Anyway, ladies do you find that to be an
offensive thing to ask?

And, men how do you feel about what he said.
Would you ask that question, if you wanted to
make sense of a break up?


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  • I'm not sure what the contex is but it doesn't appear to be offensive. Basically the girl (Andi) screwed him and lead him along when she knew that Nick had feelings for her? That happened to me, so I think he had every right to ask.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think it was an offensive thing to ask because he had every right to question her but if it was me that was asked that question, I would be put in a guilty position. Because I feel like if you reworded the question, he was basically asking "Why did you use me?" He wasn't really trying to get make sense of the break up but rather make her feel bad for what she did to him. He was brokenhearted.


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  • I read about this today.

    asking was fine.

    Maybe shouldn't have asked on tv.

    You know those shows are messed up because everyone wants to think if you fall for one person that's it. That's not actually how things work. You keep dating two great people you will fall for both.

    She probably had feelings for both though maybe stronger for one. Now post decision she wants to pretend that wasn't the case.

    And this guy is left thinking 'why'd she play me' and hiding it made him feel like an idiot like everyone would think he should have known somehow.

  • Holy crap that is some bad sentence structure. I have to be honest, I have no idea what is even being asked.

    • What's wrong with the sentence?

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    • If it helps, "and" should never be a sentence starter. In fact, those two sentences should have been compounded into a single sentence.

    • I stand by my jerk comment.

  • Not offensive in the slightest.


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