Do tell my ex I have gifts for them?

This is a tough one...

I brought my now ex a anniversary present and a birthday present before he broke up with me.

We are still kinda talking, have had property to sort ( house accounts etc)

He can't tell me if he wants to try again and needs time to think, though he says he's lonely, misses what we had and still loves me


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  • Think of it this way. Those gifts were for your boyfriend, and if he's not your boyfriend anymore they're not his gifts anymore.

    Is the break up recent?

    • just under a month

    • So it's natural to still feel for him, since things are still "warm" so to speak.

      Telling him you have gifts for him wouldn't accomplish much. Perhaps you want to tell him because of the fact that you still do care and might want to get back together? If that's the case, it'd require you to be very careful, break ups can cause lots of emotions to deal with afterwards so you don't want to make rash decisions.

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