Is it normal to lose weight and an appetite after a breakup?

Well it wasn't exactly a breakup, because apparently we were never official. The story is too long to tell on here, but if your curious I'll inbox you. I've lost at least 15 pounds. I don't have a healthy appetite like I used to. I was about 140 pounds before and I'm probably around 120-125. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


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  • are you having nonstop negative thoughts do to that event? because if its yes then i dont think thats normal. this obviously means that you are depressed and depression is bad for your health specially if you are loosing weight like this

    • Well I just feel regretful about the situation, because of the way it ended.

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    • dont let any guy's sweet word conquer you right away

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  • There's two ways people respond to stress when it comes to appetite. The other way would be overeating. You however, undereat/can't eat which is the same as me. I have trouble eating when stressed myself.

    Easy ways to combat this are things like shakes and small/soft foods. As you slowly gain your appetite back you'll feel a lot better. Do everything you can to motivate yourself to eat because the starvation is actually adding to the stress. Your mind is stressed and your body will continue to stress when it doesn't have anything in it to digest.

  • This can happen after any normal extreme amount emotion. Particularly legnthy depressive emotions.


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  • Yes, I've lost up to 14lbs one break up. My last one I didn't because I was more angry than depressed/sad.
    It usually happens if you don't eat, so once you start eating regularly again you'll gain it back.


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